Christopher Kane: Fashion makes me anxious

20th Feb 13 | Fashion

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane's job often gives him sleepless nights.

Christopher Kane often lies awake worrying his latest collection is "terrible".

The designer set up his namesake label with sister Tammy and together they have created a successful fashion emporium.

The label showed an exciting collection at London Fashion Week on Monday, but the 30-year-old is not always so sure of his own pieces.

"What usually happens is that, just when everything's meant to be done, I wake in the middle of the night and think it's terrible," he admitted to British newspaper The Telegraph.

"Then I think, no, it's good. Then I hate it again. So you have to walk away and come back with a fresh mind. It's hard, though, when everyone around you is saying, 'Ooh, you're doing animal prints,' or, 'Wow, taffeta, that's soooo brave, 'cos they're such bad taste.'"

Recently it emerged the label had decided to sell a 51 per cent share to French luxury holding conglomerate PPR, which already part-owns Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, among others.

Christopher believes it was an act of trust which will pay off for the siblings.

"I know some people will wonder why we sold a majority share," he explained.

"But looking at PPR's history of nurturing the creative as well as the commercial side, and talking to Stella [McCartney], who said, 'Go for it,' it seemed right. There's freedom within a framework. We need that infrastructure. Yup, I don't have ultimate control and if it ever goes wrong... But it's not going to go wrong."

The label's Fall/Winter 13 collection certainly proved a hit, with models sauntering down the runway in a mixture of camouflage print, kilts and fur.

Make-up artist Lucia Pieroni was responsible for the beauty looks on display and admits she didn't have much to go by, with Christopher telling her there was "no directive".

In the end, the look was kept natural, with glowing skin and mussed-up hair.

"This isn't about a big 'look'. Rather, it's about individuality," Lucia told

"We're enhancing each girl, so that when they walk down that catwalk, they just look like better versions of themselves."

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