Jennifer Aniston: Hair really matters

13th Feb 13 | Fashion

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston understands that hair is a "big deal" for women.

Jennifer Aniston acknowledges that hair is a "big deal" for most girls.

The star is known for her shiny tresses, making a layered style famous during her time on popular TV show Friends.

Now the actress has become co-owner of hair care brand Living Proof because she knows how important luscious locks are to all women.

"For me and a lot of girls, hair is a big deal. There are a lot of greater trials of the world, but ask any girl - it's one of those boxes you check off. If that means having a better hair day, that goes a long way," she explained.

Jennifer will be actively involved in creating new products, using her knowledge of current hair trends.

Despite her groomed appearance, the 44-year-old has had her fair share of bad hair days.

She is currently busy filming comedy We're the Millers, which took its toll on her glossy locks.

"It was about 100 per cent humidity, so the frizz factor was through the roof," she laughed to WWD.

"I brought along Living Proof products with a healthy scepticism. I wore a half-wig on this film, and the girl who was washing the hairpiece wasn't using my shampoo. So we would go outside and the rest of my hair would be totally tame and perfect, and the top [wig] part - which I called my toupee - would just start to look like pubic hair. It would take on a whole new texture of its own. I kept thinking, 'This is funny. Someone should be rolling a camera on this, right here.'"

The constant styling on set can leave Jennifer's hair brittle, but the star is excited about using her products to keep it shiny.

She has even shared all her new tips with friends and family.

"It's nice when you feel like you're a part of something that will make people's day a little better," she smiled.

"When I'm into something, I love sharing it with other people, whether it's a face product, a great pair of jeans or shampoo. I'd be talking about this even if I wasn't involved, because for me and a lot of girls, [hair] is a big deal."

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