Anna Sui: I love my floral luggage

10th Jan 13 | Fashion

Anna Sui

Anna Sui is thrilled with the floral suitcases she has designed for Tumi.

Anna Sui has joked she gave all her female relatives a new suitcase she's designed for Christmas.

The designer has teamed up with travel bag company Tumi for a second season. This time around she has created a series of suitcases, iPad covers and make-up bags in a floral print, featuring purple, pink and orange flowers on a white background - the first pattern since in her Spring 2009 main line.

Anna loves how her travel cases stand out from others on offer and is proud they suit all age groups.

"We wanted it to be very signature, and since we had already done the black and purple butterfly Art Nouveau design for our first collection, we wanted to make this more feminine and more accessible. So we went through my whole archive of prints and landed on this one that was just perfect," she explained to Teen Vogue.

"It's funny because for Christmas, it was kind of the answer to everybody's present, from all my nieces to my mom! It's perfect for any age group, for anyone who loves travelling and wants something a little different."

The designer was allowed the freedom to create whatever she wanted for Tumi, which she appreciated. Anna believes the fun patterns she used will make the whole process of travelling easier for users.

"It represents a certain glamour and evokes something feminine and special. I just hope that people have fun with my luggage. I think it will make the whole experience of travel that much more pleasant -- at least you're going to have something beautiful to carry around with you and show off! Today when you go to the airport, it's really hard to find your bag because everyone has the same one. Why not have your suitcase wave at you when it comes out of the conveyor?" she laughed.

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