Marc Jacobs 'without home for months'

16th Nov 12 | Fashion

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has reportedly been told his New York City apartment will be unliveable "for months".

Marc Jacobs will reportedly not be able to live in his New York City home "for months".

The fashion designer's property in the upmarket West Village was flooded when Hurricane Sandy swept through the district last month.

It was previously reported that Marc is moving to Europe for the rest of the year, said to be due to the destruction caused to his apartment by the superstorm.

According to New York Post, residents in Marc's building have been given upsetting news about their properties.

"Seawater got into the pipes and is corrosive, so this must be cleared out. The West 12th Street building could be unliveable for months. Owners will not get help to relocate and should call their insurance provider," a source told the publication.

Another insider insists the repair works might not take that long. All possible action is being taken to ensure those who live there can get back to their normal routines quickly.

"There was a unit-owner meeting to update on the efforts... to get the building to where it is safe and ready to be occupied again. It is hoped the building can be re-occupied in a couple of weeks or, outside date, a couple of months," the source said.

Marc is the creative director of French fashion house Louis Vuitton, so is used to spending time in Paris for work. It's thought he will spend the coming weeks in both London, UK, and France.

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