Attention everyone: This is the correct way to pronounce 'Primark'

11th Sep 17 | Fashion

This is very awkward if you've been saying it wrong the whole time...

If you’re a prolific Primark shopper, you may have gazed at the iconic brown paper bags and pondered – is it “Pr-eye-mark”or “Pree-mark”?

But now you can shop for those £3 t-shirts without any uncertainty – the budget retailer has finally revealed the correct way to pronounce its name.

In the ‘Need help?’ section of the customer service page on their website, the company answered the question: “How do you pronounce Primark?” with: “That’s a very good question. We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark.”

People then took to Twitter to share their passionate views on Primark’s official stance.

But the topic has been in hot contention for a long time – the company even made a Twitter poll in the past to try and settle the uncertainty.

To put a stop to any other debates you’ve been having with friends and colleagues, here are a few other brand names you might have been saying wrong all these years too:

IKEA is officially “ee-kay-uh” not “eye-kee-ah”.

Nike is actually pronounced “ni-key” not “nyke”, although you might not want to believe that’s true.

If you think Adidas is “a-DEE-das” not “A-di-das”, you’re wrong.

Moschino: No it’s not “moss-chee-no”, the correct way is “moss-key-no”.

Hermès isn’t “her-meez” – you’ve got to get that accent going and pronounce it “air-mez” to pull it off.

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