Kat Von D wants new perfumes to be seen as 'treasure'

16th Jul 17 | Fashion

Kat Von D has put a twist on the packaging of her re-released Saint and Sinner scents.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D wanted to create "a special piece of treasure" with her re-launched perfumes.

The TV personality and tattoo artist recently re-released her scents Saint and Sinner, a decade after unveiling them for the first time.

While she stressed the importance of keeping the fragrances exactly the same as to appeal to customers who are attached to them, Kat, 35, had fun putting a new spin on the packaging.

"I wanted to create a special piece of treasure this time around," she told POPSUGAR Australia. "I wanted the bottle to feel good in your hands and look truly special on your vanity. So, the overall shape was inspired by the shape of a human heart, and the filigree cage the glass sits in was inspired by some of my favourite styles of architecture and framework from the Baroque era."

Quizzed on how her mood dictates which perfume she wears, the raven-haired beauty joked she starts off her day as a Saint then "graduates" to a Sinner.

Although Kat is known for her bold, dark make-up, and even has cosmetics line Kat Von D Beauty under her belt, the star prefers a subdued look to wear alongside her scents.

"When I think of how I would do my own make-up if I was trying to achieve a sinner look, this might be surprising, but I would keep a really clean, sleek cat eye, just really sharp and dramatic, with a bold red lip," she shared.

As for her Saint aesthetic, Kat described how a "smoky, diffused dark eye" with nude lips is her go-to make-up look.

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