Brooklyn Decker creates style app so daters can dress to impress

20th Jun 17 | Fashion

The actress has teamed up with bosses at dating website to help women perfect their look.

Brooklyn Decker

Model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker is helping women dress for a date with a new style app.

The Battleship star and her Finery co-creator Whitney Casey have teamed up with bosses at dating website to create a new platform to guide women through their wardrobe choices for a romantic night out.

Decker, who is married to retired tennis ace Andy Roddick, reveals that since launching her new fashion forward app in March (17), users have been inundating her with questions about dating designs.

"We wanted to figure out if we could find a solution for this," she says. "We said, 'Let's reach out to the leader in online dating', so we reached out to I think, ultimately, the thing we have in common with is probably anyone who's dating online is probably shopping online. Most of our users do 70 to 80 per cent of their shopping online."

Brooklyn and Whitney's Finery helps those desperate for dating duds perfect their look, which in turn boosts confidence.

Using linked email accounts and online clothing purchases, their system suggests outfits based on users' preferences and shopping habits.

"We have all of your wardrobe-related purchases, so we can see the colours you like wearing, we can see the way you dress in certain weather, we can see the silhouette of skirts you like to wear, we can see the price point you spend at," Brooklyn adds. "When you have all of that data on users, you can really build a strong recommendation and build something that women will want to use and that will also allow them to shop their own closet.

"I have my opinion about what people should wear on a date, and I definitely feel like there are certain things you should conceal or withhold as a little surprise for later, until you know someone better," she adds. "I'm really curious to see what the feedback is."

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