Nikki Reed relies on beauty oils to combat California's dry heat

19th May 17 | Fashion

Actress Nikki Reed loves using oils to keep her skin and hair in good condition.

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed relies on organic oils to keep her skin hydrated when she's living in sunny California.

The Twilight actress, who is currently expecting a baby with her actor husband Ian Somerhalder, has long used natural and sustainable skincare products to keep her complexion flawless.

And when it comes to her daily beauty regime, Nikki can't praise the nourishing effect of oils enough.

"In terms of beauty, my routine has been pretty consistent for the last couple of years," she told website Well + Good. "I use a lot of oils on my skin, since California can be really dry. I've fallen in love with Poppy & Someday - she makes really beautiful face oils - and Plantfolk makes a lot of my hair oils."

The 29-year-old is also selling some oils as part of her made-in-America lifestyle brand BaYou With Love. BaYou With Love carries an eco-friendly line of accessories and products, with one of the star's top items being BaYou's organic multi-purpose balm.

"I just took it with me to Hawaii, and it was kind of a lifesaver because it's something I can put everywhere-on my face, on the ends of my hair when it's dry, around my nose and eyes when I'm travelling," said Nikki, who regularly makes visits to family who reside in Kauai. "I also have body-oil mists I make myself with water and either jojoba or grapeseed oil in a spray bottle, and I spray myself when I'm done with my shower."

While taking care of herself and her skin is key to maintaining her youthful look, the brunette beauty also chooses to wear as little make-up as possible, and likes to partake in meditation practices.

"In the last couple of years, I've gotten really into both black and green tea. I get it from a man named Colin, who has a beautiful little business called Living Tea," she smiled. "I don't drink coffee, so my only form of quiet time is tea meditation."

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