The most sought after item in Penney’s has FINALLY landed in Ireland

21st Apr 17 | Fashion

These were like gold dust in the UK!

Beauty and the Beast mania gripped the nation earlier on this year and when Primark in the UK brought out their ‘Chip Cup’ purses everyone wanted one.

The €6 item was so sought after that people took to eBay to make a profit on the sell-out item, with some people even paying up to five times the actual price for the cute but fairly impractical purse.

If you’ve been patiently waiting to get your hands on one of these little guys, then you better be quick as they landed in some Irish stores this morning! 

They are already popping up everywhere on our Instagram feed so we can’t imagine they’ll be in stock for long!



To everyone asking me..CHIP IS NOW IN STORE 😀 #chip #chipcoinpurse #beautyandthebeast #penneys #primark

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He's arrived! Chip purse - Pic from the Swords Store! #chip #beautyandthebeast #penneys #primark

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