Beth Ditto: 'Plus-size is bound to catch on'

12th Nov 16 | Fashion

Beth Ditto doesn't care that she's labelled plus-size, as long as she has a platform to spread positive messages for women.

Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto is glad plus-sized stars have more presence in the fashion industry.

The singer launched her own clothing line at the beginning of 2016, with her stylish and flattering designs catering to women with curves.

In recent years many brands and fashion publications have ditched the cliché stick-thin model trend and opted for 'real' women instead, and Beth is hopeful this movement continues.

"I've seen such a shift from just 10 years ago," she commented to Refinery29. "You wouldn't have seen certain people on the covers of things. Tess Holliday, Brittany Howard, Rebel Wilson. There's a lot more visibility. I couldn't say that 15 years ago. Now it feels like there's a bigger presence and we've taken things into our own hands. People are doing it for themselves - as long as that keeps going, it's bound to catch on."

As for whether she's bothered by the term 'plus-size' the Gossip frontwoman insists it isn't a negative description, and that it's the "afterthought" which causes more problems. She does feel there could be a slightly better name for bigger woman who don't conform to sample sizes, however, she doesn't let it impact her personally.

"I don't really care. Call me what you want, I'm going to do what I wanna do," she shrugged. "I think it's important to have that conversation and get people thinking about it. We have to change people's language. But really, I don't give a s**t!"

Beth, 35, went on to share her biggest style influences and was quick to name late singer David Bowie, whose versatility she adored. She's a big fan of punk rock aesthetic and also has preferences for certain places.

"I love London because people just look cool, even when they're not trying. That doesn't happen in America," she smiled.

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