Joan Collins reveals soggy secret to staying fit

31st May 16 | Fashion

Joan Collins' desire to stay dry has altered her street style.

Joan Collins

Avoiding a perpetual puddle has proven to be the best form of exercise for actress Joan Collins.

The 83-year-old Dynasty legend has taken to her Twitter account multiple times in May (16) to complain about a small pool in front of her central London home that seems to never cease filling with water, despite several attempts to fix the problem.

But, ultimately, the soggy nuisance, which the star claims has refused "to go away even when the sun shone at its fiercest", is providing all sorts of unexpected health benefits.

"I have become adept at circumventing the puddle with great dexterity," she revealed in an article she wrote for U.K. outlet The Spectator. "My puddle is keeping me fit."

A few weeks ago, during an appearance on the BBC network's The One Show in Britain, Joan revealed even her style choices have changed so she can avoid ruining her fancy designer shoes when stepping in and out of vehicles on her curb.

"If a taxi stops there I can't get out," she explained. "That's why I started wearing the UGG boots, but you can't wear them all the time."

"I mean I'm not going to go to (posh London restaurant) The Wolseley in UGG boots," she added.

The ever-fabulous Joan has been viewed as one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood for decades, but recently she has embraced more casual styles.

Speaking to U.K. newspaper The Mirror last year (15), the star confessed she is the proud owner of a popular sportswear outfit very few people would guess has claimed a spot in her wardrobe.

"Velour? No. But I do own a tracksuit, actually," Joan shared. "It's cashmere, £99 ($145), from Marks & Spencer."

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