Maya Rudolph's 'experimental' fashion choices

15th Dec 15 | Fashion

Maya Rudolph prefers to ''experiment'' with her clothing and ''never wore the same thing twice'' when she was growing up.

Maya Rudolph

The 'Saturday Night Live' star refused to recycle her old outfits and would instead ''experiment'' with her clothing choices, taking inspiration from her ''badass'' mother, late soul singer Minnie Riperton.

She said: ''My high school didn't have a dress code. And I basically never wore the same thing twice. I was experimenting. If I found a sailor hat in the theatre, the next day I was wearing it to school. Pretty in Pink did a number on me.

''My mom was badass in terms of the clothing department. She had these cool dresses from the '40s.''

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old comedienne also recalled the time she was asked to dress as the President of the United States, Barack Obama, for a sketch and he jokingly criticised her choice of suit.

She told Yahoo! Style: ''''They got me, like, a boy's suit [and] I bound my boobs. I was waiting to go on. Obama walked up behind me. I said, 'How do I look?' And he started laughing. Then he said, 'Well, I don't wear a three-button suit.' I was like, 'Ha ha ha... Like, cool guys wear two buttons?'

''But he was charismatic and handsome as f**k. And tall! I was instantly won over by his baby-brown eyes.''