Talley scared of snakes

9th Oct 13 | Fashion

André Leon Talley

André Leon Talley has revealed some little-known facts about himself, such as that he sleeps in the nude and is scared of snakes.

André Leon Talley is petrified of snakes - unless they've been turned into gloves.

The former editor-at-large of US Vogue magazine has revealed some little-known titbits about his personal life. As well as announcing he sleeps in the nude and breakfasts on a powder drink to aid weight loss, he discussed his biggest fear.

"I'm afraid of any type of snake, unless it's been turned into gloves, a maxi coat, shoes, belts, etc.," he told The Daily Beast.

André found it difficult to name the most beautiful woman in the world, but did insist Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is the most elegant.

He also opted not to discuss rumours Anna Wintour was planning to put Miley Cyrus on the cover of US Vogue. The esteemed editor is said to have re-thought the decision following Miley's sexually explicit twerking at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"Ask Anna Wintour about that. I'm out of the loop on Miley Cyrus," was all he would say.

The fashion professional was happier to talk about the issue of black models though. People such as Naomi Campbell and Iman have spoken out recently to insist more black models are needed on Fashion Week runways. André firmly supports the initiative.

"We, the Black Coalition, have made great strides. Valentino opened its show in Paris with a black model, Malaika Firth. There are still houses that need educating, but it's not my place to name them here. What we have witnessed is a great new moment in the impact of the international letters sent by the Diversity and Balance Coalition. In Milan, Philipp Plein did an all-black cabine and went even further - making the ultimate commitment - by booking all black models for his spring 2014 ad campaign," he explained.

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