Michael Kors demands different

24th Sep 13 | Fashion

Michael Kors

Michael Kors likes hiring unique looking models to walk in his ready-to-wear shows.

Michael Kors wants his models to be chameleons.

The fashion designer is against uniformity when it comes to showing off his designs on the catwalk.

When casting girls for his ready-to-wear collection shows Michael insists on hiring models from all backgrounds. He thinks the versatility will make the whole event more memorable for onlookers.

"I like the idea of models that can be chameleons. I don't like it when the models all look the same," he told Vogue.co.uk. "To me it's so incredibly boring to turn them into mannequins, it's so much more interesting if we have different ages, ethnicities, body types, heights."

To demonstrate how he does this Michael gave examples of the different models featured in his events. He hopes this broad, non-discriminating approach will also reflect the public's opinion on fashion and break the mould of thin models.

"We run the gamut from Frankie Rayder who's in her late thirties and Karen Elson, to girls that are just starting out who are 17; we go from the fairest of the fair to the darkest complexions," he explained. "So if I see mannequin-like models, I'm bored, and it's the same thing with women on the street. I want to see them bring their own personality."

The designer is always on the hunt for new faces to wear his line. When asked whether there is anyone in particular who has caught his eye Michael proceeded to list several models he thinks are set for big things.

"There's a girl called Malaika Firth who I think is gorgeous - she's just amazing; Vanessa Axente - I love her smile - I love a girl that has a great expressive smile; and then strangely, I don't know why, but I seem to have this Estonian obsession," he admitted. "Karmen Pedaru is from Estonia, Carmen Kass is Estonian, and there's a new girl called Elisabeth Erm and she's also Estonian. I think they're feminine, sexy and strong all at the same time. But personality is everything."

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