Emily Ratajkowski: Mom dismissed modelling

24th Jul 13 | Fashion

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski's "intellectual feminist" mother wasn't sure modelling was the right career path for her daughter.

Emily Ratajkowski's mom used to be adamant she'd grow up to be a brain surgeon.

The model shot to fame after appearing in Robin Thicke's saucy music video for smash hit Blurred Lines and has graced the cover of Treats! Magazine.

While the 21-year-old may have hit the big time, her mother wasn't quite so sure she'd taken the right career path.

"My mom is an intellectual feminist and people would say, 'Oh, your daughter should model,' and she would kind of scoff back at them, like, 'She'll be a brain surgeon.' You know?" she laughed to The Source.

"People continued to approach me. And my mom finally said, 'If you want, let's give it a try,' you know? I ended up going into Ford Models through an acting agent and they signed me the day that they met me, when I was 14. So... And I'm now with the same agent, which is great."

In the unrated version for Blurred Lines Emily appears naked alongside other models, which caused a stir in the fashion and music industry.

While she enjoyed her time dancing alongside Robin, T.I. and Pharrell Williams, she's not sure it's a route she'll take again.

"I think I've kind of done the music video thing. Maybe there will be something in the future, you never know," she revealed.

"But the one thing that's good about the video is that so many different types of people responded to it; acting people saw a girl on camera who could emote really well and then fashion people saw their thing, so I've been out in LA auditioning and the last couple of days... I shot with Bruce Weber. So it's kind of been an exciting time for me. Obviously a lot of projects are hush-hush, but you'll hear about them eventually."

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