Britain’s cruellest burglars destroyed our home

20th Mar 17 | Entertainment

Parents Stephen Browne and Laura Davidson spoke to Holly and Phillip about the cruel burglary that happened to them.

Across the UK, a burglary happens every 45 seconds. It's so common that most burglaries go unspoken of in the press, but the circumstances of this one are cruel.

Little Milo is four years old and has a medical condition so rare that doctors have now named it after him. To cater for Milo's specialist needs, his family moved out of their home temporarily so a wet room and other equipment could be installed.

But ahead of them moving back in, their world was turned upside down by thieves who ransacked their home and trashed Milo’s sensory room, which the family raised £19,000 to have built.

Milo’s parents Stephen and Laura were in studio to share their story.

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