Olga Kurylenko hates the Hollywood lifestyle

20th Feb 13 | Entertainment News

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko shuns the showbiz lifestyle.

The 'To The Wonder' actress - who shot to fame in 2008 James Bond film 'Quantum of Solace' - doesn't want to make friends with other Hollywood stars because she finds that too many people in the movie industry lack ''heart'' and are obsessed with material things.

She acknowledged: ''I don't have that many girlfriends. I'm not friends with people from the industry; my friends are from when I was nobody, they're not friends because I did a Bond film.

''One August I did two vacations. First I spent a week in a very ... big place. I was extremely bored. Then I went to Provence [south of France] with my friends who have nothing. We walked through the hills and ate saucisson and fromage.

''And that was so much better; true happiness is about nature and people who have heart and want to talk about stuff rather than buying bags.''

The Ukraine-born beauty credits her hard upbringing with making her indifferent to materialism and she believes her background has made her tougher and more aware of the important matters in life.

She explained: ''People say I was starving. I didn't eat caviar but I wasn't starving. We mainly ate cabbage and potatoes. They're (many Ukrainians are) trying to survive. They don't go off and go crazy.

''There's more of that here in Britain because when you have comforts in life, you become reckless because you've got too much. When life is so hard, you care about other things.''

Olga was raised solely by her mother Marina Alyabusheva after her father Konstantin walked out on them when Olga was just three.

The pair had so little money Olga's mother even sacrificed her own clothes to ensure her daughter was warm.