Celebrity Big Brother's Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson kiss

12th Aug 17 | Entertainment News

Harding had said she was "spoken for" before she joined the show.


Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson have shared a passionate kiss in the Celebrity Big Brother house, despite the Girls Aloud star apparently having a boyfriend.

Before she entered the Channel 5 programme, Harding had told The Sun’s Bizarre column that she was “spoken for” so would not be flirting with anyone during the show.

However, Saturday night’s episode will see her head into the kitchen for some privacy with reality TV star Johnson, but as the pair kiss they suddenly realise that a camera above their heads has recorded the whole thing.

Johnson says “maybe they didn’t see it”, as Harding heads off into the storeroom, head in hands, saying “I’m so screwed.”

The episode also features Harding revealing details about her cancelled engagement to DJ Tom Crane, who she split from in 2011 just months before they were due to marry.

She is again telling housemates that it has been a while since she has seen her Girls Aloud co-stars because children and marriage have got in the way, when actor Paul Danan asks if she has been married.

Harding replies: “No, I was nearly, it ended six months before the wedding.

“I was not in a good place for a while after that.

“(He ended it) in Ibiza, the night before my friend’s wedding we were both attending, it was harsh, and then having to pretend we were still a couple at the wedding because no-one knew, it was horrible.

CBB Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson
Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson share a kiss (Channel 5/PA)

“I was a bit numb for a couple of weeks, and then I went into meltdown mode.”

:: Celebrity Big Brother continues on Saturday night on 5Star at 9pm and is repeated on Channel 5 at 10.30pm.

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