Patrick Stewart concerned his poop emoji use offended LeVar Burton

18th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

The star has credited his new voiceover role in the film with encouraging him to use the icons whenever he sends text messages.

Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart fears he has offended his old friend LeVar Burton by making use of his new The Emoji Movie character in a recent text message conversation.

The British acting icon admits he isn't great when it comes to new technology, but after he was cast as the voice of the Poop Emoji in the animated comedy, he felt it only right to start making use of the little pictures in his personal life.

"I am a little naive about many things to do with technology, but the emojis, I was aware of but never used them (before this film)," the 77-year-old confessed on U.S. breakfast show Today. "It is, in fact, this movie which has encouraged my use of emojis because they have a language, which actually, although they're images, can be more specific sometimes than words."

Sir Patrick reveals the poop emoji is now his "go to" icon, but he worries he may have used the icon inappropriately while messaging his former Star Trek co-star LeVar - as he failed to respond.

"Only last week I was having a text exchange with my dear, wonderful, brilliant friend LeVar Burton," he recalled on Good Morning America. "The last one (text message) I sent, I decided, 'Wouldn't it be cute to sign off with my own personal emoji in this film, Poop?' So I did. (I got) silence in response, and it was only after a while I thought, maybe I'd given offence that I was saying, 'You are (poop),' or 'Don't you know I am (the character Poop in the film)?'."

Sharing a word of warning with fans, he laughed, "Anyway, you've got to be very clear of the potency of your emoji!"

The Emoji Movie is set in Textopolis, a fictional world inside a smartphone, and also features the voices of T.J. Miller, James Corden, Maya Rudolph, Anna Faris, and Sofia Vergara. It hits cinemas later this month (Jul17).

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