Omar Epps steps in for injured Shooter co-star Ryan Phillippe on talk show

18th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

Actor Omar Epps was a last minute replacement for his injured Shooter co-star Ryan Phillippe after he cancelled an appearance on U.S. talk show The Talk on Monday (17Jul17).

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The 42-year-old was hospitalised with an injury to his leg and had to put promotional activities for his TV series on hold.

He reassured fans he would be OK after posting a picture on his Instagram Story, in which he was lying in a hospital bed with his leg in bandages.

He wrote: "i'm going to be ok & i appreciate your concern."

It's still not clear what happened to the actor, but his Shooter castmate told The Talk it wasn't an on-set injury.

Stepping in for his friend, Epps said, "I don't know (what happened); I haven't spoken to him yet... but it didn't happen on set.

"It was just some sort of accident, but he's gonna be alright."

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