Rob Lowe paddles out to get a good look at great white sharks

17th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

Daredevil Rob Lowe went paddleboarding with two great white sharks off the coast of California over the weekend (15-16Jul17).

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The actor joined a handful of thrill seekers who paddled out to get a closer look at the big fish off the coast of Santa Barbara, and invited a TMZ cameraman to join him.

While bobbing about above the sharks, Rob revealed he felt safe because the sharks weren't big enough to attack a human, even though they were both bigger than his board.

It was a first for The West Wing star, who revealed he had never seen a shark up close even though he grew up in Malibu, California and is in the water "all the time".

"You hear about them (but) I've never seen one," Rob said. "I've certainly never been on top of one."

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