5 Stone Lighter

17th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

Dubliner Nathan Boylan has turned his life around after losing 5 stone

Nathan has always been big. He used to get 2 takeaways a week, either a Chinese, Chipper or a Pizza. He was sick and tired of looking so overweight, he always hated having his photo taken.

'I knew I was over-weight, I could see it in the mirror and I was always embarrassed to see myself in photographs so I never got in them. If I did go in a photo, it was never a genuine smile because I wasn't happy inside."

He say he was shocked when he stepped on the scales and saw that he weighed 19 stone and half a pound. 

He was heavily depressed but now smiles more and feels a lot better about himself. He used to go for walks and would feel like everyone was looking at him because he was overweight but now he is out walking every day and feeling great.

He kept his weightloss in the dark from his friends for the most part but when he lost 5 stone he posted a before and after photo on social media and he got a huge reaction. That really gave him a boost as people were congratulating him.

He is now preparing to train as a consultant with Slimming World and host his own groups.

You can watch Nathan's interview with Mark below