Killer's copy of signed John Lennon album up for sale

17th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

The album John Lennon signed for his killer Mark David Chapman hours before his death is up for auction.

Iconic singer and songwriter Lennon was shot and killed on 8 December 1980 at the hands of super fan Chapman. He was 40 years old.

Just hours before his untimely death, killer Chapman had approached the singer outside his Manhattan apartment to get a copy of Double Fantasy, Lennon's seventh and final studio album which featured his wife Yoko Ono, signed.

Later that day, Chapman shot John four times in the back when he returned home to the Dakota building from a recording session with Yoko.

The album, which became a vital piece of evidence in the trial against the killer, was found in the front gate flower planter of The Beatles legend's apartment building. It was turned into police and then returned to the new owner with a letter of extreme gratitude from the District Attorney, after Chapman was charged with murder.

Forensically enhanced fingerprints of Chapman are clearly visible on the cover and dust jacket.

"We are very excited to bring such a historically significant piece to the market," said Bob Zafian, spokesman for Moments in Time and agent for the seller. "I have never come across a piece with such provenance; police reports, fingerprint documentation, letters from the District Attorney, it goes on and on".

It was originally sold in 1999 to a private collector and is now being resold, and is expected to make at least $1.5 million (£1.1 million) at auction.

Chapman is still serving life in prison and has been denied parole nine times amidst campaigns against his release.

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