Ryan Lochte cleared of criminal charges for lying about Rio drama

17th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

Bad boy swimmer Ryan Lochte has been cleared of criminal charges after lying about his stand-off with security guards following a vandalism incident during the Rio Olympics in Brazil last year (16).

Ryan Locate and Cheryl Burke seen on Extra

The sportsman has just returned to official competition after serving a 10-month ban for admitting he lied to police officials in the city about being robbed at gunpoint during a drunken night out with teammates.

Lochte was charged with false communication of a crime, but Rio judges have ruled he did not report the incident to cops; they came to him after reading about his claims in the media.

Lochte told TV reporters covering the Olympic Games that he and three other members of the U.S. swimming team were stopped by men impersonating police officers, who took their valuables.

Surveillance video suggested Lochte and his pals were stopped by the owners of a gas station they'd vandalised.

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