50 Cent: 'JAY-Z knows his new album is too clever'

17th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

Rapper 50 Cent insists pal JAY-Z won't have any problem with his criticism of his new record, because deep down the 99 Problems hitmaker knows he's right.

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The In Da Club rapper hit headlines last week (ends07Jul17) when he attacked the hip-hop heavyweight for lyrics that were too clever for his core audience.

In an online video, 50 admitted he was a fan of the 4:44 release, but called out JAY-Z for being too smart.

Calling his latest tracks "golf course music", he said, "I thought the s**t was a'ight. I liked the s**t, but I'm gonna keep it 100, the s**t was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and tie a f**king sweater around my waist. It was, like, Ivy League s**t."

50 hammered home his point during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live on Friday (14Jul17), stating, "It (album) was good but I just thought it was too smart. I think you do gotta dumb down the material to fit in to where the culture is, because now it's a little more melody driven; it's not quite as sophisticated as it was when I first came in."

But the rapper insists his comments won't upset his friend, adding, "He'll know what I'm saying is true. It's like writing from a billionaire's perspective in our culture, versus writing as a part of our culture."

50 Cent is planning to release his next album at the end of the year, and he insists his new material won't be "as smart as the JAY-Z record", adding, "I wanna make music that people can have fun to, so you don't have to stop... You can get it immediately without sitting and analysing it."

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