Carmen Electra files for restraining order against stalker - report

16th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

Carmen Electra's has reportedly filed a restraining order against stalker Daniel Lablanc after an emergency protective order expired.

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The 45-year-old model and actress had been granted an emergency protective order amid fears for her safety from the obsessed fan but now this has expired, the star is going one step further to ensure her safety.

A source close to the star has revealed to TMZ that Electra does not feel safe in her own home, and she has had to take drastic action to keep the man away from her house.

Lablanc is said to believe he is engaged to the Baywatch actress and is convinced they will be married.

Electra had spotted Lablanc sitting in his car outside her house, which had prompted her to contact the police to file for the restraining order.

A law enforcement source told TMZ that officers took her stalker into custody so he could be evaluated over concerns about his mental health.

According to documents obtained by the entertainment site, friends of Lablanc told officials he had mood swings and issues with anger management. There are also comments that friends had been unsuccessful in trying to convince him that he wasn't engaged to the A-lister. They confessed that Lablanc was completely in denial and only got angry when they tried to persuade him otherwise.

An emergency protective order was originally issued to Lablanc stating that he wasn't allowed within 100 years of the star but this expired on 7 July (17) which prompted Electra to apply for a full restraining order.

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