Tom Holland fears he may have upset Rihanna with Lip Sync Battle performance

20th Jun 17 | Entertainment News

New Spider-Man Tom Holland fears he may have upset Rihanna with his drag impersonation of the singer.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' photocall

Holland stepped up to mime along to Rihanna's Umbrella in a TV Lip Sync Battle showdown with his Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Zendaya recently, but he's still not sure if one of his favourite artists liked his odd tribute.

"I knew going up against her (Zendaya) - she's a singer, dancer, performer - that I was going to have to go down the funny route to try and win, so going drag was my number one goal, but then also I have a dancing background," Tom tells The Associated Press.

"I used to be (dancer character) Billy Elliot when I was a kid, so I tried to go funny, but also add some dancing in there at the same time, and it was nerve-wracking. It's one of those things where like, the world could find this really funny, but also be offended by this."

Holland admits he's relieved fans of the show liked his performance: "I was Rihanna for a moment," he adds. "I am just lucky that everyone saw my humour and got it and it was a lot of fun."

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