Barry Gibb: 'I was sexually abused when I was four'

20th Jun 17 | Entertainment News

Bee Gees star Barry Gibb has sensationally revealed he was sexually abused at the age of four.

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The Stayin' Alive singer, who is the last surviving member of the legendary brotherly band, made the revelation in an interview ahead of his Glastonbury Festival performance at the weekend (24-25Jun17).

He tells the Radio Times he still has vivid memories of the night police arrested the man who abused him.

"He didn't touch me, but other things happened, and happened to other kids," he says. "Eventually they came and arrested him and woke me up in the night. Four years old and a policeman on your bed at 4am, interviewing you! It's vivid for me still."

Now 70, Gibb admits he had a lot of awful encounters with troubled men when he was growing up in Australia: "There were a lot of returned soldiers that were damaged," he explains.

"They'd drive up, open the car door and say, 'You want to go for a drive?' 'F**k off!'."

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