Bob Barker hospitalised after nasty fall

19th Jun 17 | Entertainment News

U.S. TV host Bob Barker was recently hospitalised following a nasty fall at his Los Angeles home.

The 93-year-old reportedly slipped and fell while in the bathroom of his Hollywood Hills home last week (ends18Jun17) and hit his head, according to

The former host of The Price Is Right called emergency services but when paramedics arrived to check him over, he refused to be taken to hospital in an ambulance so his housekeeper drove him instead.

Barker, who was reportedly shaken but had no cuts or visible injuries, underwent a series of tests in the emergency room before leaving after a couple of hours.

The veteran entertainer previously suffered a nasty fall in 2015 when he tripped on an uneven sidewalk in his neighbourhood. He injured his knee and cut his forehead.

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