Andy Grammer: 'My pregnant wife blows my mind!'

19th Jun 17 | Entertainment News

Singer Andy Grammer is "supremely humbled" by the way his wife is handling pregnancy.

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The Good to Be Alive singer and his spouse Aijia Lise are gearing up to welcome their first child, a daughter, later this year (17). And during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Andy admitted he's constantly amazed by how Aijia is coping with every aspect of pregnancy.

"Until you actually go through it, as a woman, or you're in close contact with someone going through it, you can't really understand how intense it is," he explained. "That everyone comes through this process - everyone has been through (this) - everyone had a mom that did this amount of sacrifice for them, (it) is truly amazing. I'm supremely humbled by what my wife is going through. It's blowing my mind."

Andy is doing his best to prepare as much as he can for the prospect of parenthood. He has been swotting up by reading books about pregnancy and having a baby, and has also been questioning his female pals about their top tips.

"I'm really, genuinely excited," he smiled. "And I've been asking, like, just before we started, I ask every woman I meet, 'Tell me one thing that your dad did awesome, one thing he could have done better.' And it seems like the bond of dad and daughter is a really special bond. I get a lot of words of wisdom."

However, not every piece of advice Andy has received has been positive, with the singer adding: "I also get that it's probably a pretty hard job because not everyone, not every girl, just goes, 'Oh my dad's the best!' And when you realise that a lot of times you go, 'Tell me about your dad?' and a lot of them go like, 'Hmmm. Let me think about how I answer this.'

"I do not want my daughter in 30 years (to say that). I really want to take it very seriously and be someone that her eyes light up when someone asks her that question."

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