Kevin Bacon: 'They're remaking all my movies beginning with F'

20th May 17 | Entertainment News

Kevin Bacon has always wanted to revisit his Tremors character Val.

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon has a suspicion that movie executives are remaking all his films with titles starting with the letter F.

The actor has always mixed TV and movie work, winning critical acclaim for films like Apollo 13, Mystic River and Footloose, as well as show The Following.

He's back on the small screen in new series I Love Dick, and there are also talks of a TV spinoff of Kevin's 1990 comedy horror film Tremors.

"We'll see what happens with that, I'm keeping my fingers crossed," Kevin admitted to British GQ. "Val (in Tremors) is truly the only character I've ever thought about wanting to revisit. I've noticed a trend actually, that between Flatliners, Footloose and Friday The 13th, they're taking all my movies that begin with F, and remaking them! So maybe the next one will be Few Good Men, if they take the 'a' off."

Drama A Few Good Men, which also starred Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore, landed four Oscar nominations in 1993, but ultimately went home empty handed.

Kevin was most recently seen on the big screen in Boston Marathon bombing movie Patriots Day, in which he played Special Agent Richard DesLauriers, starring opposite Mark Wahlberg and John Goodman.

"I thought it was a really fascinating and compelling script," he previously said of the movie. "I thought it would be a good story in (director) Peter Berg's hands. I have played not only FBI agents, but Boston FBI... in some ways I played this guy twice because in Black Mass I was the head of the Boston FBI while they were trying to deal with (real life mobster) Whitey Bulger. And in fact the guy that I play in Patriots Day, the real character Rick DesLauriers, was the head of the FBI when Bulger was caught."

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