Ariana Grande's brother releases glam rock debut

19th May 17 | Entertainment News

Ariana Grande's brother Frankie is hoping to join the singer in the charts after releasing his debut single.

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The colourful Broadway star and TV personality has debuted a glam rock tune called Queen, which he claims is a tribute to his musical hero David Bowie.

"It's kind of the story of seeing glam rock icons when I was younger and trying to emulate those people, then kind of seeing them go away, and then rediscovering that just because you don't see them anymore doesn't mean that they're not with me," he tells Billboard.

"It kind of became a metaphor for my own life. You can see things growing up, be inspired by things. Just because they're not around anymore doesn't mean that you can't take those inspirations and bring them to life, and bring them to the next generation."

A former star of Mamma Mia! and Rock of Ages on Broadway, Frankie Grande adds, "David Bowie has always been my vocal inspiration ever since I was a child... I just wanted to be David Bowie so badly. I loved his love of make-up and glam. Oh my God, (Bowie movie) Labyrinth was the anthem to my life."

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