Jack Antonoff taking his childhood bedroom on tour

19th May 17 | Entertainment News

Rocker Jack Antonoff has turned his childhood bedroom into a touring art installation to give fans the opportunity to listen to his band Bleachers' new album in its "birthplace".

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The fun. star reveals he spent the first 27 years of his life at his family home in New Jersey, and it was in his bedroom where he discovered music as a passion and began writing and composing songs.

In a lengthy statement, Lena Dunham's boyfriend reveals Bleachers was also formed in his old bedroom, which has continued to inspire him for the band's new release Gone Now, and he wants devotees to hear the songs in the surroundings he grew up in.

"gone now is about moving on and how we can't take it all with us," he explains. "when i thought about where this album was coming from and what it's kissing goodbye i thought of this room. i wished i could play the album for people who care about bleachers in this space that it is coming from and leaving.

"so i removed my room. every inch of it. every wall, the rug, my bed, every poster and sticker ..... this is literally exactly how i left it... this room has seen it all as far as my life goes."

Jack continues, "i will be taking the room on tour with me so people around the country can hear the album in it before shows. it will be at the may and june dates. i haven't decided what will happen after that yet. come in - touch whatever you want - hear gone now in its birthplace and in the center of its inspiration."

The musician, 33, also teases fans about a forthcoming documentary to show exactly how he and his team managed to remove his actual room and every piece of childhood memorabilia from his family home.

Bleachers will release Gone Now on 2 June (17), and will kick off their new U.S. tour in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday (20May17).

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