Zac Efron came up with Dwayne Johnson's Disney jab for Baywatch

19th May 17 | Entertainment News

Priyanka Chopra requested sky-high heels so she could stare down Dwayne Johnson on set.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron encouraged his Baywatch movie co-star Dwayne Johnson to poke fun at his Disney history by coming up with many of the onscreen insults himself.

The former High School Musical hunk portrays a disgraced Olympian who is a newcomer to Dwayne's elite team of lifeguards in the film adaptation of the hit franchise, and the wrestler-turned-actor had to pick on his baby-faced co-star as part of the storyline.

Dwayne had a lot of fun hurling comedic insults at Zac for the role, and the action man reveals the 29-year-old only has himself to blame, because he helped to think up the silly nicknames for his character.

"(Nicknames like) Malibu Cannon, One Direction, New Kids on the Block, sweetheart, cupcake, all those," Dwayne told U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. "He was the one coming up with all these things. He's like, 'Hey, listen, call me High School Musical.' (He's) feeding me the lines!"

Dwayne and Zac are joined in the movie by a bevvy of beauties, including Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, and Priyanka Chopra, who plays the movie villain.

Unlike the majority of her castmates, the Quantico star didn't have to worry about hitting the gym hard in preparation for squeezing into Baywatch's famous red swimsuits, because her character Victoria Leeds is a stylish "power chick", who sticks to high fashion and even higher heels.

Joking about her co-stars' discipline on set, Priyanka quipped, "You need to be on a diet of, like, one olive! I'm not like that as a person, you know? I like my food."

"I could sit and eat whatever I wanted (in between shoots) while everyone else was going to the gym," she smiled.

The actress, who stands at five feet, seven inches (1.7 metres) tall, only had one request when it came to her character's wardrobe - the star wanted to be able to stare down her onscreen nemesis Johnson, who typically towers over Priyanka at six foot, five inches (1.96 metres).

"I asked for the highest of heels, because I couldn't be looking at Dwayne from down here and threatening him, right?" she told "I mean, I needed to look in his eyes."

Baywatch hits theatres on Friday (19May17).

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