Kate Garraway left red-faced as dress bursts open on live TV

21st Apr 17 | Entertainment News

Kate Garraway's dress burst open on Good Morning Britain on Friday (21Apr17).

Kate Garraway

Kate Garraway was left red-faced when her dress burst open live on Good Morning Britain on Friday (21Apr17).

The 49-year-old presenter and co-host Ben Shephard were speaking to royal photographer Arthur Edwards about Queen Elizabeth II's 91st birthday when the embarrassing incident occurred.

While Kate initially looked sleek and stylish in her mustard yellow number, she was then seen grappling to maintain her modesty after the button popped off the back.

Attempting to make a joke of the faux pas, Kate asked Arthur: "Has the Queen ever lost the button off the back of her dress during an important moment like I did just then?"

She then told viewers: "I must apologise for hoicking my dress up like I did just there but it's burst, it has burst."

Ben had a look and confirmed that a button on the back of the dress had come off. But the wardrobe department were on hand to help, with Kate later laughing: "I'm lashed in, I'm strapped back in, don't look too hard it's all taped to my back!"

It's not the first time Kate has suffered a wardrobe malfunction on television; she once flashed her crotchless control underwear to the nation when Ben picked her up and pretended to dump her in mud.

Speaking about the incident afterwards, Kate told Loose Women: "The producers were staring at me (afterwards). They said, 'that was the worst thing ever, we saw everything. I said, 'what do you mean everything?' No, they said. 'absolutely everything twice'... I had to sit and watch it. I had to go through frame by frame and it was bad."

However, it wasn't all bad as that moment inspired the title of Kate's debut book, The Joy of Big Knickers.

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