Josh Kelley embarrasses Katherine Heigl's niece with pink bathrobe

21st Apr 17 | Entertainment News

Singer Josh Kelley loves to embarrass his wife Katherine Heigl's niece by waving her off to school wearing the actress' pink bathrobe.

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Former Grey's Anatomy star Katherine reveals the couple, which recently welcomed its third child, has also opened its Utah home to her niece Maddie, who attends high school in the area, and while Josh has taken to doing the daily school runs, he always has to use the opportunity to leave the teenager red-faced.

"He plans it out, it's amazing," Katherine smiled on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. "My niece lives with us and she's a freshman in high school. We live in a mountain community so the bus stop is like, a mile down the road, so he has to drive her there every morning and he gets up at six, 7am, and he's amazing - I have to give this guy so much props - but he puts on my pink robe and he gets his cup of coffee and he drives her down to the bus stop, and he gets out of the car to wave her off in this pink robe: 'Have a great day, Maddie!'"

"She (Maddie) loves it, all her friends on the bus love it," the actress sarcastically remarked, adding, "He just loves to humiliate her! She's just begging him, 'Please, please don't do this.'"

Josh's playful nature is just one reason why Katherine is still so in love with her man as they approach their 10-year wedding anniversary this December (17), and she credits their strong marriage to the close friendship their union is based on.

"I think honestly, that we just are really good friends," she told E! News when asked about the secret to their lasting love. "I think this is the first relationship where I've felt like my partner's more than just my lover, if you will, and is a friend as well.

"We're sort of best friends, we get along really well, we have a really good time together. We have our moments, like any couple, so we just sort of cling to that friendship when stuff gets hard."

In addition to taking care of Maddie, the stars are parents to adopted daughters Naleigh, eight, and Adalaide, born in April, 2012, as well as their first biological child, son Joshua, who arrived in December (16).

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