Melissa Etheridge defends pot smoking with kids

21st Apr 17 | Entertainment News

Singer Melissa Etheridge has defended herself after revealing she likes to smoke pot with her kids.

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The Come To My Window star has come under fire from anti-drug activists for claiming marijuana helps bring her family closer together.

The 55-year-old uses marijuana daily with her wife Linda Wallem and would rather smoke with her 20-year-old daughter Bailey and 18-year-old son Beckett than knock back alcohol, telling Yahoo, "I have smoked with my older two. It was funny at first, and then they realised, it's a very natural, end-of-the-day (thing)... And it brings you much closer."

She also called cannabis "the best marital aid", adding, "It takes down your inhibition (and) your sexual desires are enhanced. We take a bath every night and smoke and talk and wind down and sleep a very, very good night sleep."

Following backlash, Melissa, who turned to cannabis in 2004 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, has defended her remarks, telling NBC, "People will judge my mothering, or whatever. My kids grew up in Southern California; it's (smoking weed) not a crazy thing. It was a decision. It's not something that I do a lot, at all, hardly. They have their own lives and their own choices about that."

Etheridge is keen to point out that she didn't just offer her kids a joint one evening, adding, "There's doctor recommendations involved. I want people to understand that this is not, 'Hey kids, let's go and get high!' That wasn't what it is at all (sic). It was an experience that was kind of family and sacred.

"Having the whole world kind of judge it off of one sentence, it breaks my heart a little bit, but I've been in this game long enough knowing I can't explain this to everyone and you're gonna have your judgements."

Last year (16), Etheridge announced she is developing a line of cannabis products to help Californians suffering from arthritis. The marijuana crop, grown and harvested by Melissa and her Etheridge Farms partners, will be available to medical patients.

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