Tim Burton's Beetle House NY to open in Los Angeles

20th Apr 17 | Entertainment News

A Tim Burton-themed bar in Los Angeles has opened for reservations.

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The Halloween-themed Beetle House NY will open on 20 May (17) at a new haunt on Hollywood Boulevard.

Beetle House was created in the Big Apple by Burton fans as a place for devotees of the filmmaker to gather for a meal and drinks.

"Sports bars are great if you are into sports, but what about the rest of us?" creator Zach Neil explains. "Imagine a place with the same enthusiasm as a big time sports bar but instead everyone is celebrating films, music and art? That is the type of place I want to create.

"A safe space where it really feels like Halloween all year round and people can come, enjoy good food, good drinks, listen to good music and feel completely comfortable to be as freaky as they want to be. This would be my home for the freaks, weirdos and grown up goth kids of the city."

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