Snoop Dogg's Grow House co-stars spark false fire alarm

20th Apr 17 | Entertainment News

Rapper/actor Xzibit and comedian Lil Duval set off the fire alarms at a top Los Angeles hotel on Monday (17Apr17) after lighting up while promoting their new marijuana comedy.

World Premiere of 'Grow House' - Arrivals

The stars feature in Snoop Dogg's new movie Grow House, about two weed smokers who decide to try and cash in on the medical marijuana business, and the film is set for release on Thursday (20Apr17) to mark stoners' unofficial 4/20 holiday.

However, a press interview for cannabis culture outlet with Xzibit, Duval, and writer/director DJ Pooh came to an abrupt end on Monday after they decided to enjoy a smoke in a conference room at the W Hotel - violating the venue's no smoking policy - minutes before Snoop was supposed to arrive.

Smoke detectors were instantly activated, and in video footage of the incident, a hotel official tells the group, "Hey guys, the fire department is on the way. You set off our full alarm in the whole hotel."

The building had to be evacuated as a safety precaution.

The stars have yet to comment on the incident, although Duval did repost a link to a news story about the mishap on his Twitter page.

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