Brooke Mueller pleads guilty to failing to stop for police

20th Mar 17 | Entertainment News

Brooke Mueller has agreed to a plea deal for failing to stop for police officers in Heber City, Utah in January (17).

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The ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, and mother of their eight-year-old twins Max and Bob, was charged with failing to stop at the command of an officer, a third-degree felony; reckless driving; and not having a Utah driver's license.

According to court records obtained by editors at the Deseret News, Mueller pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of attempted failure to stop at police command, which was downgraded from a felony.

Heber City police told the court they tried to stop the 39-year-old from Park City, Utah, when she was spotted driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit in adverse weather conditions. Mueller drove for six miles before stopping, claiming she didn't see the officer.

In exchange for pleading guilty, a misdemeanor reckless driving charge and the citation for failing to get her Utah driver's license were dropped.

The former actress left rehab after a month-long stay in December (16). She was taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation in November (16) after she briefly went missing with her and the Anger Management star's twin boys. They were later found in a bar in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Mueller was reportedly involved in an altercation with her nanny. She subsequently checked into rehab in December.

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