Alzheimer's disease has left Glen Campbell unable to play guitar

20th Mar 17 | Entertainment News

Alzheimer's disease has robbed legendary musician Glen Campbell of his ability to play guitar.

The 80-year-old Rhinestone Cowboy singer was diagnosed in 2011 and continued touring until 2014, when he was moved into a long-term care, memory care community near his Nashville home by his wife of over three decades, Kim.

In March last year (16) Kim shared that the country singer had lost most of his language, and doesn't understand many words either.

In an interview with publication The Tennessean, she explained he can play air guitar, but he can no longer handle the strings on an actual instrument. And while he still tries to sing, the lyrics are unintelligible.

Glen's daughter Ashley plays the guitar for him on her visits, and she explained he seems to respond positively to song You Are My Sunshine, sometimes, moving his mouth and making sounds of his own.

"With persistence," Ashley said, "something gets in."

Campbell's wife and his other family members have become committed advocates to raising awareness for Alzheimer's. Kim now tours as a speaker sharing her personal journey to help other families dealing with the devastating illness.

"I want to let people know that there's hope out there. There's help out there. They don't have to do this alone," she told The Tennessean. "They can't do it alone. It will take you down."

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