Louis Theroux wants Tom Cruise for Scientology sequel

16th Feb 17 | Entertainment News

British filmmaker Louis Theroux wants Tom Cruise to help him make a sequel to his documentary My Scientology Movie.

VO5 NME Awards 2017

Louis' expose on the controversial religious movement won the Best Film at Britain's NME Awards on Wednesday (15Feb17).

Now the 46-year-old documentarian, who is famous in the U.K. for his intimate films following quirky celebrities and members of the public, wants Cruise, Scientology's most famous adherent to collaborate with him on a follow-up.

"There's one person out there that made this film possible and that is Tom Cruise," he said in his speech accepting the NME Award. "He wouldn't be in the film but Tom if you're out there please call my agent, let's do an expose, I've already got a title - My Scientology Sequel."

The film does feature an unusual cameo from one Hollywood star, Boardwalk Empire actress Paz de la Huerta was shown knocking on the window of Louis' hotel room in an attempt to dissuade him from investigating the movement.

In his acceptance speech at the ceremony at London's O2 Brixton Academy, Louis revealed the toll making the film had taken on his personal life.

He offered, "A big thank you to my wife, who's had a baby while I was making this film. He's now two and a half years old."

Tom has long been a prominent advocate for Scientology, and is known to be a close friend of the movement's leader David Miscavige.

David has come in for heavy criticism from several prominent Scientologists who have left the movement criticising his leadership and alleging it is more of a cult than a religion.

These include the King of Queens star Leah Remini and the sceenwriter Paul Haggis. Tom's first wife, Mimi Rogers, who introduced him to Scientology, has also reportedly cut ties with the movement.

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