Bryce Dallas Howard won't give up acting to pursue directing

4th Feb 17 | Entertainment News

Bryce Dallas Howard wants to collaborate on a joint project with her director father Ron Howard.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard wants to get into directing without giving up her acting career.

The Jurassic World actress has directed a number of shorts including the 2006 short film Orchids and she wishes she could focus on directing her first feature.

However, being a director requires about two years of work per project and she doesn't want to become like her dad Ron Howard, who began his career as an actor but now only directs.

"It's (directing) really doable and fun, and it's that vibe that I had in college, where it's like, 'Let's put on a show,'" she told The Times newspaper. "Permit or no permit, you did it. I don't want to give up acting like my dad did, though."

She also hopes that one day they could collaborate on a joint project and she was recently inspired after watching Hidden Figures, about three African American women who were pivotal in NASA's space race.

"I emailed him last night about Hidden Figures," she recalls. "Let's find a story from history! He's like, 'Yeah, great idea'... and then I'm like, 'Oooh, I have to find something from history.' If you want to get something done, you have to do it yourself."

Bryce is gearing up to reprise her role in the Jurassic World sequel and she is currently watching her figure now the shoot date is fast approaching. It was a different story for her most recent film Gold, in which she played Matthew McConaughey's partner who is all "big hair and big boobs".

She became excited when she read the script and realised she wouldn't have to restrict herself during the shoot.

"One of the first lines in describing Kay was: 'Kay's pants are too tight but only because she's happy,'" she recalls, adding she thought, "'Oh, I won't be hungry that whole movie. That's amazing.'"

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