St. Vincent names guitar in honour of David Bowie

11th Jan 17 | Entertainment News

Indie rocker St. Vincent has named one of the guitars from her new collection after the late David Bowie.

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On Tuesday (10Jan16) the Digital Witness singer, 34, added four new colours to her special range of female-friendly guitars, created in collaboration with music products company Ernie Ball Music Man.

The four new guitars come in the shades Stealth Black, Tobacco Burst, Heritage Red and Polaris White, but St. Vincent, real name Annie Clark, has nicknamed the latter after one of Bowie's famous stage personas.

"I call that one the Thin White Duke, it's a classic, elegant-looking guitar," she told Guitar World, later adding, "I've been playing it every single day, putting it through its paces and writing song after song on it."

The Thin White Duke persona was developed by Bowie in the mid 1970s for his album Station to Station, as he donned a white shirt, black trousers, and a waistcoat. The look was in stark contrast to the flamboyant Ziggy Stardust look he retired in 1973.

St. Vincent's decision to name her white guitar after Bowie returns a favour he did for her before his death from cancer in January last year (16).

In 2015, the musician's then girlfriend Cara Delevingne gifted her a white guitar on which Bowie had penned a special message offering his "best wishes" to the star.

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