Elizabeth Hurley: 'My son has what it takes to be a good actor'

2nd Dec 16 | Family

Elizabeth Hurley's teenage son left mum floored with his acting talents after making his onscreen debut in her TV drama The Royals.

Elizabeth Hurley William Moseley and Alexander Park seen on Extra

The British beauty portrays the queen of a fictional royal family in the show, and her 14-year-old boy Damian makes a guest appearance in the third season, after becoming a regular on set.

Elizabeth admits she and Damian harboured a few doubts about his acting abilities before the shoot, but the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me star reveals she was blown away by his talents as "spoiled brat" Hansel, the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein.

"Everybody loved him (when he used to visit the set), they promised him a part 'one day', and suddenly this day came," she explained, "and we looked at each other, and he went, 'Mum, what if I can't do it?'

"And then the script came - he had a big German accent, quite difficult scene, so I was like, 'I really hope he's good'. And you know what? He was knock-out when he was shooting."

Elizabeth's only advice to her son before filming was, "Learn your lines and don't be annoying," and while she helped him rehearse for the part, Damian was able to draw from his businessman father Steve Bing's German background to form his character's accent.

The actress added, "I gave him a little help with the German accent, but he was lucky because his dad is half-German."

And Damian had so much fun filming, he is now eager to pursue acting as a career.

"I'm obsessed," he smiled on U.S. breakfast show Today. "I felt really at home (on set), it was good. I'm slightly hooked on it now; it was great."

His 51-year-old mum is keen to keep Damian's focus on his education for a few more years, but she reveals if The Royals returns for a fourth season, Hansel is likely to appear once more, and she is excited to see where his career takes him.

"It's handing on the baton, as we say," she said. "I am interested for him. He's young, he's in school full-time... He's a baby still. This was (filmed) in his (summer) vacation, but he likes it, he likes it a lot. So we'll see what happens."

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