Guns N' Roses invite fans to beat Donald Trump pinata at Mexico City gig

2nd Dec 16 | Entertainment News

Guns N' Roses gave Donald Trump a good beating at a gig in Mexico on Wednesday (30Nov16), when they invited fans to come onstage and take a swing at a pinata created to look like the U.S. president-elect.

Guns N' Roses perform live in concert

The rockers took a moment during their Mexico City concert at the Palacio de los Deportes to have a little fun, and singer Axl Rose and the crew dragged the candy-filled Trump doll onstage and told fans to attack the massive swinging prop.

"Let's bring up some people and give them a f**king stick," Axl can be heard saying in footage from the gig posted online. "Express yourselves however you feel."

Many Latinos are still furious with Trump after he suggested Mexican immigrants living in America are murderers and rapists as he launched his presidential bid in June, 2015.

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