Michael Shannon and Adam Driver: 'Sci-fi and action movies are more socially relevant than ever'

2nd Dec 16 | Entertainment News

The Hollywood stars both agree big-budget blockbusters are a great way to address critical problems in society.

Michael Shannon

Actors Michael Shannon and Adam Driver are proud to participate in "socially relevant" conversations by starring in action-packed blockbusters.

The two leading men landed roles as villains in some of the biggest movies of the decade, with Shannon starring in 2013 Superman spin-off Man of Steel and Driver taking on the role of Kylo Ren in last year's (15) Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and although some critics might be quick to pan the flicks as superficial, the actors deeply disagree.

"I looked at Man of Steel as a very socially-relevant movie, not necessarily a comic-book movie," Michael said as he and Adam interviewed each other for a forthcoming episode of U.S. TV chat show Actors on Actors. "Here's a story about some people, a civilisation. They lived on a planet and used up all the resources and destroyed the planet, and they thought the way to solve the problem was just to go get another planet. You hear people bandying that idea around these parts from time to time."

Driver agreed with his acting peer, noting his villainous Kylo Ren character in The Force Awakens also speaks to modern social conflict in a big way.

"You have two groups who are completely convinced and morally justified to do whatever it is," Driver noted. "If it means blowing up a Death Star, which has so many families and people... The idea that people think that they're 100 per cent convinced that they're correct, I thought it was really interesting."

Shannon is very much looking forward to making even more big-budget commercial films that address critical topics facing society in the future.

"That's really a home run, if you can make a big, entertaining, action-packed movie that actually has some underlying social significance," he said.

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