Molly Sims wants husband to get a vasectomy

2nd Dec 16 | Entertainment News

Pregnant model and actress Molly Sims is desperately trying to convince her husband to get a vasectomy, because she doesn't want a fourth child.

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The Yes Man star is currently expecting her third child, a son, with husband Scott Stuber, and she previously admitted this baby was not planned.

At 43, her pregnancy has been more stressful than ever, and Molly is not prepared to go through it all again, so she has asked Scott to get 'the snip'.

"My husband is getting a vasectomy, but he doesn't know it yet," she joked to Momtastic. "He's fighting me on it."

Molly added, "There's not going to be like, 'Oh, this was an accident (with another pregnancy).' No. It's happening."

The couple already has four-year-old son Brooks and 20-month-old daughter Scarlett, and the star reveals their eldest had a sixth sense about her third pregnancy and the sex of the child before he was even told.

"I was outside at the end of the summer and Brooks was standing on a step hugging me," she recalled. "His head was on my belly and he was like, 'Mama, is there a baby in your belly?' And I was like, 'Maybe...' And he was like, 'I told you I wanted one! I'm so happy!'"

"He told us it was a boy way before we found out it was a boy," she smiled. "I think it was his secret wanting."

Molly announced her pregnancy in August (16) and as her due date nears, she is feeling a mix of emotions.

"I'm excited but I'm also nervous," she shared. "I worry about Scarlett more than Brooks because she is used to getting all the attention as the baby in the family. At the same time, I can only do the best I can do. I'm giving them a present - another sibling that they'll have for life. But it's definitely nerve-racking. It's nerve-racking to be older and delivering, too."

However, the actress is confident her nerves will all subside once she gives birth, because her family will be complete.

She continued, "It is probably the best feeling in the world. I can deeply and truly say, 'I am done...' I have closure and that is a really good feeling. I am done having children after this baby is born and I am happy."

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