Full House creator buys home featured in TV show

2nd Dec 16 | Entertainment News

The creator of cult U.S. TV show Full House has purchased the California home featured in the series.

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TV producer Jeff Franklin purchased the San Francisco house in May (16) for $4 million (3.2 million). The house was built in 1883 and was originally selected by Franklin to be featured in the show when it started its run in 1987.

The Victorian home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and the TV producer is planning to restore it to its original design.

"The house came on the market and really, I just thought, I have to buy this house," Franklin tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I'm so sentimental about the house. It's great to have the house in our Full House family and be able to preserve it for the fans... Seriously, I love owning this house."

Franklin has also painted the front door red again - just like it was on the TV show - and he hopes fans will flock to the location to take pictures. He is also performing a major renovation on the house to bring it up to date.

"There are probably 250 fans per day that show up and take a picture in front of it," he continues. "It will be a lot more fun for the fans because now the house will look like the Tanners really live there. It's a gift to the fans but it's also fun for me to own it."

"I need to do some construction work on the inside, and do a seismic retrofit so the building is safe," he adds. "It still has the original, brick foundation from 1883, and the whole house needs to be brought up to code. That will probably be six months of construction and during that time, the red door will not be there because I don't want it to get ruined."

He is also hoping to include the house in the potential third season of the Netflix reboot of the show, Fuller House. Season two premieres later this month (Dec16).

"We would take advantage of the fact that I now own the house, and we could go up there and shoot some new footage and maybe bring the cast up and shoot with them up there."

Franklin is planning to take the cast back to the house for the 30th anniversary of the show next year (17), when the remodel is complete.

"That will be around the time that all of my construction will be done so I hope to bring the cast up to the house and have a big slumber party here so people can drive by and actually see the Tanner family living there for one whole day," he says. "That would be pretty fun."

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