Director Ben Younger keen to make ultimate bike racing movie about TT Rally

1st Dec 16 | Entertainment News

Filmmaker Ben Younger's passion project about the Isle of Man TT rally has finally been given the green light 15 years after he first pitched the film.

The Bleed For This and Prime director is currently casting for the film, which he hopes to start shooting next summer (Jun17).

The real-life motorbike racer tells WENN, "This is a movie that I've been trying to get made for 15 years, and it has come around.

"I'm making my full-blown motorcyle road racing movie, the first of its kind. I race, but not on the Isle of Man. I do short track racing in the United States."

The daredevil moviemaker also loves taking to skies after becoming a qualified pilot.

"I have 300 hours now," he boasts.

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